Li-Ion Battery For Acer 43A1 14.8v 3600mAh



Compatible with following model


Travelmate 520,
Travelmate 520it,
Travelmate 521,
Travelmate 521ie,
Travelmate 524txv,
Travelmate 525,
Travelmate 525tx,
Travelmate 526,
Travelmate 527,
Travelmate 528te,
Travelmate 529,
TravelMate 220 Series,
TravelMate 230XC,
TravelMate 261 Series,
TravelMate 222 Series,
TravelMate 230XV,
TravelMate 261XC,
TravelMate 222X,
TravelMate 230XV-pro,
TravelMate 261XV,
TravelMate 223 Series,
TravelMate 233,
TravelMate 261XV-XP Series,
TravelMate 223X,
TravelMate 233LC,
TravelMate 280 Series,
TravelMate 223XC,
TravelMate 233X,
TravelMate 281,
TravelMate 223XV,
TravelMate 233XC,
TravelMate 281XC,
TravelMate 225 Series,
TravelMate 233XV,
TravelMate 281XV,
TravelMate 225X,
TravelMate 233XVi,
TravelMate 283LC,
TravelMate 225XC,
TravelMate 234LCi,
TravelMate 283LCi,
TravelMate 225XV,
TravelMate 234 Series,
TravelMate 283XV,
TravelMate 225XV-Pro,
TravelMate 260 Series,
TravelMate 283XVi




Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens Battery life


Best Li-ion replacement for the original


100% Brand New Rechargeable Battery. No memory effect


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  • Model: PSU-LS001493

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