Li-Ion Battery For Asus S5N M5N M5200N Series 90-n8v1b5100 A31-S5 11.1v 4400mAh Black


  • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens Battery life
  • Best Li-ion replacement for the original
  • 100% Brand New Rechargeable Battery.
  • No memory effect

Compatible with following model and part number:

Asus W5A Series
Asus W5000A Series
Asus S5NE
Asus s5nbtw1b
Asus s5nbtb1a
Asus S5N
Asus S52N
Asus S5200NE
Asus S5000N Series
Asus S5000A
Asus S5000 Series
Asus S5 S5A
Asus n8v1b2000
Asus M5N
Asus M5A
Asus M5600N
Asus M52N
Asus M5200N Series
Asus M5200N Series
Asus M500N
Asus M500A
Asus M5000NP Series
Asus M5000N
Asus M5000 Series
Asus M5 Series
Asus M5
Asus a730/mbt
Asus a716/mbt
Asus a32-s5
Asus A32-S5
Asus A31-S5
Asus 90-nbr1b3000
Asus 90-nbr1b2000
Asus 90-nbr1b1000
Asus 90-n8v1b5100
Asus 90-n8v1b4200
Asus 90-n8v1b4100
Asus 90-N8V1B4100
Asus 90-n8v1b3100
Asus 90-N8V1B3100
Asus 90-n8v1b3000
Asus 90-N8V1B3000
Asus 70-n8v2b2000
Asus 70-n8v1b3100
Asus 70-N8V1B3100
Asus 70-n8v1b2100
Asus 70-N8V1B2100
Asus 70-n8v1b1100
Asus 70-N8V1B1100
Asus 5000A

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  • Model: PSU-LS000952

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