19V 7.1A 135W 7.4mm 1pin Adaptor for HP Compaq nx9420 Notebook PC EV269AAR RF297UP RH457EA 135w power supply AC DC Charger Adapt


AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~60Hz
Output: 19.V 7.1A
Pins Size outside 7.4mm 1pin

Compatible with following model:

HP Compaq nx6110 Notebook PC, Series

EA367LA, EA510PA, EA545PA, EA558PA, EA559PA, EB306US, EB307US, EB308US, EB309US, EB532US, EB536US, EC719LA, EC720LA, ED995UC, EE111PA, EE112PA, EE113PA, EE114PA, EE115PA, EE143PA, EE144PA, EE190UC, EF126LA, EF392UC, EF446US, EF478US, EF479US, EF480US, EF515US, EF515USR, EF535US, EF564US, EF564USR, EF834US, EG444UC, EG467UC, EG468UC, EG813UC, EG814UC, EH248PA, EH253PA, EH254PA, EH272PA, EH273PA, EH281PA, EH328PA, EH357UC, EH371LA, EH372LA, EH373LA, EH385UC, EJ917PA, EJ939PA, EJ943PA, EJ944PA, EJ945PA, EJ962PA, EJ963PA, EK040ES, EK044ES, EK044ESR, EK046ES, EK046ESR, EK048ES, EK057ES, EK058ES, EK059ES, EK059ESR, EK060ES, EK060ESR, EK063ES, EK063ESR, EK069ES, EK070ES, EK074ES, EK077ES, EK078ES, EK092ES, EK092ESR, EK093ES, EK098ES, EK098ESR, EK099ES, EK099ESR, EK104ES, EK106ES, EK106ESR, EK110ES, EK110ESR, EK113ES, EK113ESR, EK114ES, EK114ESR, EK115ES, EK115ESR, EK116ES, EK116ESR, EK121ES, EK121ESR, EK122ES, EK122ESR, EK124ES, EK124ESR, EK125ES, EK126ES, EK127ES, EK128ES, EK128ESR, EK134ES, EK135ES, EK136ES, EK139ES, EK144ES, EK144ESR, EK149ES, EK149ESR, EK151ES, EK151ESR, EK153ES, EK164ES, EK164ESR, EK169ES, EK170ES, EK170ESR, EK172ES, EK172ESR, EK175ES, EK175ESR, EK183ES, EK183ESR, EK185ES, EK185ESR, EK187ES, EK201EA, EK201EAR, EK201ET, EK201ETR, EK202EA, EK202EAR, EK202ET, EK202ETR, EK203EA, EK203EAR, EK203ET, EK203ETR, EK208ES, EK214ES, EK214ESR, EK219ET, EK219ETR, EK220ET, EK220ETR, EK221ET, EK221ETR, EK228ES, EK228ESR, EK230ES, EK231ES, EK233ES, EL165UC, EL171LA, EL337UC, EL338UC, EL813US, EL816US, EM343PA, EM348PA, EM349PA, EM350PA, EM355PA, EM359PA, EM374PA, EM389PA, EM390PA, EM391PA, EM392PA, EM417PA, EN166UA, EN169UT, EQ206US, ER565UC, ER576PA, ER577PA, ER591PA, ER597PA, ER604PA, ES424ES, ES424ESR, ES428ES, ES428ESR, ES429ES, ES429ESR, ES430ES, ES431ES, ES431ESR, ES433ES, ES434ES, ES434ESR, ES435ES, ES436ES, ES449ES, ES450ES, ES450ESR, ES452ES, ES452ESR, ES463ES, ES464ES, ES464ESR, ES465ES, ES465ESR, ES481ES, ES483ES, ES483ESR, ES484ES, ES484ESR, ES485ES, ES485ESR, ES487ES, ES487ESR, ES488ES, ES519ES, ES519ESR, ES539ET, ES539ETR, ES567ES, ES567ESR, ES568ES, ES568ESR, ES570ES, ES570ESR, ES575ES, ES575ESR, ES577ES, ES577ESR, ES578ES, ES579ES, ES579ESR, ES583ES, ES617ES, ES618ES, ET404LA, ET405LA, EU081LA, EU082LA, EU109LA, EU110LA, EU113LA, EU114LA, EU115LA, EU743US, EU882US, EU891US, EU925US, EU952US, EU971US, EV074LA, EV090LA, EX600UC, EX674UC, EX729PA, EX730PA, EX731PA, EX742PA, EX766PA, EY241ES, EY243ES, EY243ESR, EY245ES, EY246ES, EY246ESR, EY250ES, EY250ESR, EY256ES, EY257ES, EY259ES, EY260ES, EY261ES, EY262ES, EY286ES, EY287ES, EY289ES, EY290ES, EY292ES, EY312ES, EY312ESR, EY318ES, EY333ES, EY333ESR, EY334ES, EY335ES, EY335ESR, EY338ES, EY339ES, EY489ES, EY496ES, EY496ESR, EY498ES, EY498ESR, EY499ES, EY500ES, EY500ESR, EY564ES, EY564ESR, EY565ES, EZ946US, EZ948US, EZ964US, PC415AV, PC416AV, PC418AV, PC419AV, PC421AV, PC422AV, PG819EA, PG819EAR, PG819ET, PG819ETR, PG820EA, PG820EAR, PG820ET, PG820ETR, PG821EA, PG821EAR, PG827EA, PG827EAR, PG827ET, PG827ETR, PG840ES, PG840ESR, PG841ES, PG841ESR, PG843ES, PG847ES, PG847ESR, PR124UA, PR124UAR, PT600AA, PT600AAR, PT600ET, PT600ETR, PT601AA, PT601AAR, PT601ET, PT601ETR, PT602AA, PT602AAR, PT603AA, PT603AAR, PT603ET, PT603ETR, PT604AA, PT604AAR, PT604ET, PT604ETR, PU545US, PU597US, PU598US, PU599US, PV221PA, PV222PA, PV237PA, PX028LA, PY382ES, PY382ESR, PY383ES, PY384ES, PY384ESR, PY386ES, PY386ESR, PY387ES, PY387ESR, PY388ES, PY393ES, PY393ESR, PY397ES, PY397ESR, PY399ES, PY399ESR, PY401ES, PY401ESR, PY402ES, PY403ES, PY403ESR, PY406ES, PY406ESR, PY408ES, PY408ESR, PY409ES, PY409ESR, PY410ES, PY410ESR, PY412ES, PY412ESR, PY415ES, PY415ESR, PY431ES, PY432ES, PY435ES, PY435ESR, PY439ES, PY439ESR, PY441ES, PY454ES, PY454ESR, PY456ES, PY456ESR, PY458ES, PY461ES, PY461ESR, PY468ES, PY469ES, PY470ES, PY472ES, PY475ES, PY478ES, PY478ESR, PY485ES, PY485ESR, PY487ES, PY489ES, PY490ES, PY490ESR, PY493ES, PY493ESR, PY494ES, PY494ESR, PY496EA, PY496EAR, PY496ET, PY496ETR, PY497EA, PY497EAR, PY497ET, PY497ETR, PY498EA, PY498EAR, PY499EA, PY499EAR, PY499ET, PY499ETR, PY500EA, PY500EAR, PY500ET, PY500ETR, PY501EA, PY501EAR, PY501ET, PY501ETR, PY502EA, PY502EAR, PY502ET, PY502ETR, PY510EA, PY510EAR, PY511EA, PY511EAR, PY530ES, PY530ESR, PY531ES, PY531ESR, PY532ES, PY532ESR, PY535ES, PY535ESR, PY536ES, PY536ESR, PY540ES, PY545EA, PY545EAR, PY545ET, PY545ETR, PY550ES, PY550ESR, PY551ES, PY564ES, PY584PA, PY761PA, PY767PA, PY768PA, PY813PA, PZ065UA, PZ065UAR, PZ120UA, PZ120UAR, PZ364UA, PZ364UAR, PZ365UA, PZ365UAR, PZ366UA, PZ367UA, PZ368UA, PZ369UA, PZ370UA, PZ371UA, PZ372UA, PZ372UAR, PZ373UA, PZ373UAR, PZ374UA, PZ374UAR, PZ375UA, PZ376UA, PZ376UAR, PZ377UA, PZ378UA, PZ378UAR, PZ379UA, PZ380UA, PZ380UAR, PZ381UA, PZ382UA, PZ383UA, PZ383UAR, PZ384UA, PZ385UA, PZ385UAR, PZ386UA, PZ387UA, PZ387UAR, PZ415UA, PZ415UAR, PZ509UA, PZ509UAR, PZ758UA, PZ759UA, PZ760UA, PZ761UA, PZ762UA, PZ762UAR, PZ763UA, PZ763UAR, PZ764UA, PZ765UA, PZ766UA, PZ767UA, PZ768UA, PZ769UA, PZ770UA, PZ770UAR, PZ771UA, PZ772UA, PZ773UA, PZ773UAR, PZ774UA, PZ775UA, PZ776UA, PZ777UA, PZ778UA, PZ779UA, PZ780UA, PZ781UA, PZ782UA, PZ783UA, PZ784UA, PZ785UA, PZ786UA, PZ787UA, PZ788UA, PZ789UA, PZ790UA, PZ791UA, PZ791UAR, PZ792UA, PZ792UAR, PZ793UA, PZ793UAR, PZ794UA, PZ795UA, PZ796UA, PZ796UAR, PZ797UA, PZ798UA, PZ799UA, PZ800UA, PZ800UAR, PZ801UA, PZ866UA, PZ866UAR, PZ867UA, PZ887UA, PZ888UA, PZ889UA, PZ889UAR, PZ891UA, RA768PA, RB537UT, RB538UT, RB539UT, RB540UT, RC298PA, RD072UC, RE450UP, RE758US, RE774US, RE853US, RE996PA, RF639PA, RF640PA, RF641PA, RF642PA, RF643PA, RF644PA, RF687PA, RH082PA, RH423ES, RH785LA, RJ996PA, RL076LA

HP Compaq nx6110 Series Notebook PC Series


HP Compaq nx6120 Notebook PC Series

CB565LA CB566LA EA368LA EA369LA EA370LA EA488PA EA489PA EA490PA EA492PA , EA492PAR EA493PA EA499PA EA500PA EA501PA EA504PA EA505PA EA536PA EA537PA EA540PA , EA551PA EA555PA EA556PA EA560PA EA560PAR EA561PA EA561PAR EA562PA EA562PAR , EA825LA EC419UC EC422LA EC721LA EC722LA ED626PA ED627PA ED628PA ED629PA ED630PA , ED631PA ED632PA ED633PA ED670PA ED671PA EE094PA EE100PA EE116PA EE128PA EE129PA , EE130PA EE131PA EE133PA EE134PA EE135PA EE145PA EE162PA EE163PA EE164PA EE175PA , EE175PAR EE177PA EE444LA EF125LA EF881PA EF882PA EF883PA EF884PA EF885PA EF886PA , EF897PA EF903PA EF908PA EG368LA EG369LA EG503UC EH249PA EH274PA EH275PA EH276PA , EH283PA EH284PA EH285PA EH291PA EH292PA EH293PA EH294PA EH324PA EH325PA EH327PA , EH374LA EJ058LA EJ059LA EJ891PA EJ895PA EJ899PA EJ908PA EJ919PA EJ920PA EJ946PA , EJ949PA EJ950PA EJ951PA EJ952PA EJ961PA EJ964PA EJ965PA EJ966PA EJ967PA EL167LA , EL168LA EL169LA EL170LA EM297LA EM299LA EM351PA EM352PA EM353PA EM357PA EM360PA , EM361PA EM362PA EM363PA EM364PA EM365PA EM366PA EM371PA EM382PA EM388PA EM396PA , EM410PA EM411PA EM416PA EM418PA EM421PA EM434PA EM576LA EN678LA EN709LA EP920LA , EQ053LA ER550LA ER551LA ER578PA ER584PA ER598PA ER599PA ER613PA ER617PA ER626PA , ER627PA ER633PA ER638PA ER651PA ER652PA ER654PA ER664PA ER665PA ER666PA ER668PA , ER745LA ET406LA EV091LA EX126LA EX750PA EX751PA EX765PA EX794PA EX795PA EX806PA , EX807PA EZ132PC EZ133PC PC417AV PC420AV PC423AV PQ996PA PQ997PA PQ998PA PQ999PA , PT605AA PT605AAR PT606AA PT607AA PT608AA PT608AAR PT609AA PV111PA PV112PA , PV113PA PV114PA PV115PA PV115PAR PV116PA PV117PA PV118PA PV119PA PV120PA , PV120PAR PV127PA PV128PA PV131PA PV131PAR PV132PA PV132PAR PV133PA PV133PAR , PV134PA PV134PAR PV135PA PV135PAR PV136PA PV160PA PV161PA PV166PA PV167PA , PV167PAR PV168PA PV170PA PV171PA PV172PA PV175PA PV181PA PV182PA PV194PA PV195PA , PV218PA PV219PA PV220PA PV223PA PV223PAR PV233PA PV235PA PV236PA PV243PA PV244PA , PX029LA PX030LA PX031LA PX032LA PY587PA PY760PA PY764PA PY765PA PY766PA PY789PA , PY795PA PY800PA PY807PA PY811PA PY812PA PY814PA PY830PA PY831PA RA503LA RA504LA , RA725PA RA737PA RA747PA RA767PA RC354PA RC707PC RC708PC RD055LA RD776PA RD792PA , RD793PA RE573PC RE574PC RE734US RE956PA RF050PA RF316PC RF317PC RF645PA RF646PA , RF647PA RF648PA RF649PA RF650PA RF651PA RF652PA RF653PA RF654PA RF655PA RF656PA , RF665PA RF672PA RF676PA RF697PA RF704PA RF705PA RF706PA RF707PA RF957LA RH077PA , RH086PA RH115PA RH116PA RH153PA RH196LA RH786LA RJ988PA RJ989PA RJ990PA RJ991PA , RJ992PA RK006PA RL307UC,

HP Compaq nx6315 Notebook PC Series


HP Compaq nx9420 Notebook PC Series,

G865AV, EG866AV, ES439EA, ES439EAR, ES440EA, ES440EAR, ES440ET, ES441EA, ES441EAR, ES441ET, ES441ETR, ES442ET, ES442ETR, ES443EA, ES443EAR, ES443ET, ES443ETR, ES444EA, ES444EAR, ES444ET, ES444ETR, ES445EA, ES445EAR, ES445ET, ES445ETR, ES446EA, ES446EAR, ES446ET, ES446ETR, ES457EA, ES457EAR, ES458EA, ES459EA, ES460EA, ES460EAR, ES461EA, ES461EAR, ES462EA, ES551EA, ES552EA, ES553EA, ES554EA, ES555EA, ES556EA, ES557EA, ES558EA, ES559EA, ES560EA, ES561EA, ES562EA, ES563EA, EV266AA, EV266AAR, EV267AA, EV267AAR, EV268AA, EV268AAR, EV269AA, EV269AAR, EV270AA, EV271AA, EV271AAR, EV271ET, EV271ETR, EV272AA, EV272AAR, EV272EA, EV272ET, EV272ETR, EV273AA, EX754PA, EX755PA, EX756PA, EX757PA, EX763PA, EX767PA, EX779PA, EX780PA, EX781PA, EX801PA, EX802PA, EY453ET, EY453ETR, EY560ES, EZ255LA, RA047US, RA050US, RA051US, RA068US, RA079US, RA081US, RA110US, RA124US, RA185US, RC294PA, RC333PA, RD717PA, RE632US, RE640US, RE730US, RE772US, RE867US, RE879US, RE891US, RE898US, RE914US, RE975PA, RE976PA, RF297UP, RF689PA, RF751UC, RF914UC, RG171UP, RG195LA, RG978UC, RH151PA, RH436EA, RH439EA, RH439ET, RH440EA, RH440ET, RH441EA, RH441ET, RH442EA, RH442ET, RH443EA, RH444EA, RH445EA, RH446EA, RH446ET, RH447EA, RH448EA, RH450EA, RH451EA, RH452EA, RH453EA, RH454EA, RH454ET, RH455EA, RH456EA, RH457EA, RH457ET, RH458EA, RH459EA, RK476EP, RK694US, RK702US, RK710US, RK719US, RK733US, RK739US, RK760US, RL964PA, RL965PA, RL966PA, RL967PA, RM026PA, RM027PA, RM028PA, RM029PA, RM786PA, RM800PA, RM803PA, RM804PA, RN013AA, RN014AA, RN015AA, RN487PA

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