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Awesome Flexible Octopus Phone Tripod With Metal Phone Holder

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  1. Octopus tripod features tripod three legs can be arbitrarily twisted to achieve a convenient climb in any occasion, the combination of spherical body highlights the product of the three-dimensional, its stylish appearance and its portability makes it a photography enthusiast's effective assistant
  2. The basic legs of the tripod are made up of a new material allowing more flexibility than the regular jointly leg tripod popularly known as the Gorillapods. 
  3. These tripods are easier to carry and there's also less possibility of the tripod legs breaking down.

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A smartphone tripod stand is an easy way to improve your phonetography as well as your travel photography. Almost everyone travels with their phones to capture vacation memories while they travel. You will have beautiful memories forever when you use a cell phone camera stand on your next vacation. If you are wanting to capture better travel photos, you may want to consider buying a smartphone tripod stand. Adding a cell phone camera stand to your photography gear arsenal can help you take better vacation photos without a lot of effort. On the flipside, we have cell phone attachments for tripods if you already have your own tripod. Here at Phonetographr, we have many different tripods to choose from whether you are traveling, vlogging or out in nature capturing the beauty of it all. Visit phonetograhr when you’re looking for a serious cell phone attachment for tripod or new tripod for your phone.

Weight (g): 824

Folded Length (mm): 220

Type: Table Tripod

Use: Phone Camera

Max Extended Length (mm): 490

Tripod for the phone: tripod for the camera

Mini tripod: Flexible tripod

Camera holder: Mini tripod for phone

Tripod for projector: Flexible tripod for phone

Tripod for smartphone: Accessories for camera action

Tripods for video cameras: Tripod for projector

Tablet mount: Tripod for video

Camcorder tripods: Tripod for DSLR

You will receive 1 Tripod only. black or red color is available.