HP DV3 CQ35 CQ36 OB93 HSTNN-LB93 10.8v 4400MAH


  • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens Battery life
  • Best Li-ion replacement for the original
  • 100% Brand New Rechargeable Battery.
  • No memory effect

HP DV3 CQ35 CQ36 OB93 HSTNN-LB93 10.8v 4400MAH

Battery Type: Li-polymer
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 4400MAH
Color: Black

Compatible Battery Code


This Hp Pavilion DV3 Series Battery is also Compatible with the Following Laptop Models (Press Ctrl+F Search)

Compaq Laptop Models HP Presario DV3 CQ35 CQ36

Presario CQ35 Series

Presario CQ35-100 series
Presario CQ35-101TU
Presario CQ35-101TX
Presario CQ35-102TU
Presario CQ35-102TX
Presario CQ35-103TU
Presario CQ35-103TX
Presario CQ35-104TU
Presario CQ35-104TX
Presario CQ35-105TU
Presario CQ35-105TX
Presario CQ35-106TU
Presario CQ35-106TX
Presario CQ35-107TU
Presario CQ35-107TX
Presario CQ35-108TU
Presario CQ35-108TX
Presario CQ35-109TU
Presario CQ35-109TX
Presario CQ35-110TU
Presario CQ35-110TX
Presario CQ35-111TU
Presario CQ35-111TX
Presario CQ35-112TU
Presario CQ35-112TX
Presario CQ35-113TU
Presario CQ35-113TX
Presario CQ35-114TU
Presario CQ35-114TX
Presario CQ35-115TU
Presario CQ35-115TX
Presario CQ35-116TU
Presario CQ35-116TX
Presario CQ35-117TU
Presario CQ35-117TX
Presario CQ35-118TX
Presario CQ35-119TX
Presario CQ35-120TX
Presario CQ35-121TX
Presario CQ35-122TX
Presario CQ35-124TX
Presario CQ35-125TX
Presario CQ35-126TX
Presario CQ35-127TX
Presario CQ35-128TX
Presario CQ35-129TX
Presario CQ35-200 series
Presario CQ35-201TX
Presario CQ35-203TX
Presario CQ35-205TX
Presario CQ35-206TU
Presario CQ35-207TU
Presario CQ35-211TX
Presario CQ35-213TX
Presario CQ35-214TX
Presario CQ35-216TU
Presario CQ35-217TX
Presario CQ35-219TX
Presario CQ35-222TX
Presario CQ35-223TX
Presario CQ35-224TX
Presario CQ35-225TX
Presario CQ35-226TX
Presario CQ35-227TX
Presario CQ35-228TX
Presario CQ35-229TX

Pavilion DV3-1000 Series
Pavilion DV3-1051xx
Pavilion DV3-1073cl
Pavilion DV3-1075ca
Pavilion DV3-1075us
Pavilion DV3-1077ca
Pavilion DV3z-1000 CTO
Pavilion DV3-1100 Series
Pavilion DV3-1124ca
Pavilion DV3-1200 Series
Pavilion DV3-1253nr
Pavilion DV3-2000 Series
Pavilion DV3-2001tu
Pavilion DV3-2001tx
Pavilion DV3-2002tu
Pavilion DV3-2002tx
Pavilion DV3-2003tu
Pavilion DV3-2003tx
Pavilion DV3-2004tu
Pavilion DV3-2004tx
Pavilion DV3-2005ee
Pavilion DV3-2005tu
Pavilion DV3-2005tx
Pavilion DV3-2006tu
Pavilion DV3-2006tx
Pavilion DV3-2007ee
Pavilion DV3-2007tu
Pavilion DV3-2007tx
Pavilion DV3-2008tu
Pavilion DV3-2008tx
Pavilion DV3-2009tx
Pavilion DV3-2010el
Pavilion DV3-2010et
Pavilion DV3-2010tx
Pavilion DV3-2011tx
Pavilion DV3-2012tx
Pavilion DV3-2013tx
Pavilion DV3-2014tx
Pavilion DV3-2015ee
Pavilion DV3-2015tx
Pavilion DV3-2016tx
Pavilion DV3-2017ee
Pavilion DV3-2017tx
Pavilion DV3-2018tx
Pavilion DV3-2019tx
Pavilion DV3-2020ei
Pavilion DV3-2020el
Pavilion DV3-2020et
Pavilion DV3-2020tx
Pavilion DV3-2021tx
Pavilion DV3-2022tx
Pavilion DV3-2023tx
Pavilion DV3-2024tx
Pavilion DV3-2025ee
Pavilion DV3-2025eg
Pavilion DV3-2025tx
Pavilion DV3-2026tx
Pavilion DV3-2027ee
Pavilion DV3-2027tx
Pavilion DV3-2028tx
Pavilion DV3-2029tx
Pavilion DV3-2030ef
Pavilion DV3-2030ei
Pavilion DV3-2030ek
Pavilion DV3-2030eo
Pavilion DV3-2030ez
Pavilion DV3-2030tx
Pavilion DV3-2032tx
Pavilion DV3-2033eg
Pavilion DV3-2033tx
Pavilion DV3-2034tx
Pavilion DV3-2035tx
Pavilion DV3-2036tx
Pavilion DV3-2050ea
Pavilion DV3-2050ec
Pavilion DV3-2050eo
Pavilion DV3-2050ep
Pavilion DV3-2050es
Pavilion DV3-2050ev
Pavilion DV3-2050ew
Pavilion DV3-2051ea
Pavilion DV3-2055ea
Pavilion DV3-2060ea
Pavilion DV3-2060ek
Pavilion DV3-2070es
Pavilion DV3-2080eo
Pavilion DV3-2090ej
Pavilion DV3-2090en
Pavilion DV3-2100 Series
Pavilion DV3-2101tu
Pavilion DV3-2101tx
Pavilion DV3-2102tu
Pavilion DV3-2102tx
Pavilion DV3-2103tu
Pavilion DV3-2103tx
Pavilion DV3-2105ee
Pavilion DV3-2105tu
Pavilion DV3-2110eg
Pavilion DV3-2110er
Pavilion DV3-2110tx
Pavilion DV3-2111tx
Pavilion DV3-2113tx
Pavilion DV3-2114tx
Pavilion DV3-2115ea
Pavilion DV3-2115ee
Pavilion DV3-2116tx
Pavilion DV3-2117tx
Pavilion DV3-2119tx
Pavilion DV3-2120ea
Pavilion DV3-2121tx
Pavilion DV3-2123tx
Pavilion DV3-2125ee
Pavilion DV3-2126tx
Pavilion DV3-2127tx
Pavilion DV3-2128tx
Pavilion DV3-2130ea
Pavilion DV3-2130ef
Pavilion DV3-2130ei
Pavilion DV3-2130el
Pavilion DV3-2130es
Pavilion DV3-2130ez
Pavilion DV3-2137tx
Pavilion DV3-2138tx
Pavilion DV3-2139tx
Pavilion DV3-2140ei
Pavilion DV3-2140eo
Pavilion DV3-2144tx
Pavilion DV3-2145tx
Pavilion DV3-2150ec
Pavilion DV3-2150ej
Pavilion DV3-2150el
Pavilion DV3-2150ep
Pavilion DV3-2150es
Pavilion DV3-2150us
Pavilion DV3-2154ca
Pavilion DV3-2155ee
Pavilion DV3-2155mx
Pavilion DV3-2157cl
Pavilion DV3-2160eo
Pavilion DV3t-2000 Series
Pavilion DV3t-2000 CTO
Pavilion DV3z-1000 Series
Pavilion DV3z-1000 CTO

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