19V 3.16A 5.5*2.1 AC Adaptor for Nimantics 6200T Power Supply Charger DC adapter 60w


INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
OUTPUT: 19V ~ 3.16A

100% FIT SIZE and 100% BRAND NEW

Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 2.1mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm

Compatible with following model:

Nimantics 6200T
Nimantics HS166M
Nimantics Orion 10XL
Nimantics Orion HS166M
Nimantics P79
Nimantics Pentium SL86
Northgate NB86 Nova
Nova NP8320 Novatech
Olivetti Echos 1200L
Olivetti Echos 910
Olivetti Echos P100
Olivetti Echos P100C
Olivetti Echos P100D
Olivetti Echos P100E
Olivetti Echos P12
Olivetti Echos P120
Olivetti Echos P120E
Olivetti Echos P133C
Olivetti Echos P133S
Olivetti Echos P1400C
Olivetti Echos P90
Olivetti Echos Pro 150X
Olivetti Echos Pro P133
Olivetti Echos Pro
Olivetti Xtreme
Olympia 386SX
Olympia LT386SX AIM Green 759
Olympia LT386SX
Outbound 2000
Outbound 2030
Outbound 2030A
Patriot 800
Patriot 8000
Patriot 8000
Patriot 860C
Patriot 8800 Act P-88T AEC
Patriot 8890
Patriot 9000 C86
Patriot FT6000A
Philips NB470
Philips NB570
Philips TravelMate 570
Pico Consol 98
Pionex N30W
Pionex TS30i
PrimeBook 900
ProScan 862
Prostar 7200
Prostar 86
Quanson 862
Quanson 87
Quanson 98
Quantex 1511-I
Quantex I-1410
Quantex N30W
Quantex T-1401
Quantex T-1410
Quantex T1411
Quantex TS30H
Quantex TS30H-1331
Quantex TS30I
Quantex TS30I3
Quantex TS30T
Quantex W-1400
Quantex W-1500 700
Quantex W-1500
Quantex W-1511
Quintek i1401
Sager 6200
Sager 6200D
Sager 7200
Sager 8549 D20
Sager 86
Sager 862
Sager 87
Sager 8700
Sager 98
Sager Model 87
Sager Model 98
Sager NB8600
Sager NB8700
Sager NP8100
Sager NP8300
Sager NP8320
Sager NP8500
Sager NP8550
Sager NP8600
Sager NP8620
Sager NP8623
Sager NP8680
Sager NP8700
Sager Pentium 86
Sceptre N30W
Sceptre NB30B2
Sceptre S69002 SceptreS69502 SceptreSoundX S
Sceptre SoundX S5200T
Sceptre SoundX S5500T
Sceptre TS30H
Sceptre TS30W
Smart-Tec NX-6000
Smart-Tec NX-6600
Sotec Eagle X Tagram 822
TI Extensa 350
TI Extensa 365
TI Extensa 366
TI Extensa 367
TI Extensa 390
TI Extensa 390CX
TI Extensa 391
TI Extensa 392
TI Extensa 393
TI Extensa 394
TI Extensa 395
TI Extensa 550
TI Extensa 550CD
TI Extensa 550CDT
TI Extensa 555
TI Extensa 555CD
TI Extensa 555CDT
TI Extensa 560
TI Extensa 560CD
TI Extensa 560CDT
TI Extensa 565
TI Extensa 565CD
TI Extensa 565CDT
TI Extensa 570
TI Extensa 570CD
TI Extensa 570CDT
TI Extensa 570CDTSE
TI Extensa 575
TI Extensa 575CD
TI Extensa 575CDT
TI Extensa 900
TI Extensa 900 series
TI Extensa 900CDT
TI Extensa 900T Tiger Direct
Tiger Direct GT
Tiger One Lightspeed Technology 6200D
Time 163NE14GB2 E500P AMD
Time M700
Time Traveller A430
Tiny A440
Tiny Model 440

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