UNIVERSAL NOTEBOOK LAPTOP AC POWER ADAPTER 70W 110-220v 4.0x1.7 4.8x1.7 5.5x3.0 5.5x1.7 5.5x2.1 6.5x4.4 6.3x3.0 ADAPTOR


* This Universal AC adapter will act just like your original power adapter that came with your laptop.
* This Universal AC power adapter comes with 8 separate tips to fit almost any laptop, as opposed to 5 or less connectors sold by other ebay sellers
* RED LED indicator to show power status
* Comes BRAND NEW in a retail pack!
* Accepts input 110V-220V 47-63Hz, allowing worldwide usage!


    * Input Voltage: 110-220V (input frequency: 47-63Hz)
    * Maximum 70W
    * Input rated current: 1.8 Amps
    * Output voltages: DC15-24V
          o 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V & 20V @ 6 Amps
          o 22V & 24V @5 Amps

Compatible with:

          o Acer
          o AMS Tech
          o Compaq
          o Dell
          o Fujitsu
          o Gateway
          o HP
          o IBM
          o NEC
          o Versa
          o Panasonic
          o Sharp
          o Sony Picturebook
          o SONY VIAO
          o Sotec
          o Toshiba
          o Winbook 

Package Includes

* 1 X New Universal Laptop AC Adapter IBM/HP/SONY/DELL 15V-24V
* 8 X Laptop Adapter's Connector
4.0x1.7  4.8x1.7  5.5x3.0  5.5x1.7  5.5x2.1  6.5x4.4  6.3x3.0
* 1 X Power Cord


2 X Optional Connector

7.4 x 5.0

3 holes

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