Ver 2.0 M-bridge Extender for 2018 /2019 Brompton Handlebar

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M-bridge Extender for 2018 /2017 Brompton Handlebar



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On a Brompton M type Handlebar there is not a lot of space to install cycle computer, smartphone, front light etc.
This M bridge, crossbar takes place in the middle of the handlebar. You just have to snap it firmly onto your handlebar. If necessary, move the shifters before snaping the extension and replace them after at the same place.
You can add double tape for a better result.

Disclaimer: Do not grab this bridge to pull/lift the Brompton, or add a heavy handlebar bag onto, it was not designed for that.
This extender is for 2018-2019 Brompton M handlebar  just check before.

Total weight 20g
Made by Carbon and Nylon 
Easy to install

Ver 2.0:

4 more screw to secure the bar. 
Stronger design

(following video is Ver 1.0, but the installation method is same)

This item take 5-7 working days  for production